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Warranty / Terms & Conditions

All products delivered by Tanfel are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. This guarantee applies exclusively by the replacement of the defective product (including their transport) under the listed conditions afterward.


It is the Customer’s responsibility to show the defect(s) met within one month following the date of delivery of the product

An official report of analysis and/or control must be written and transmitted to Tanfel.

This written report must at least include the following elements:

- The reference of the Product and the production file.
The lot code of the faulty item.
The number of items presenting the indicated defect
Reasons for the rejections (referring to the file or the basic standard)
- Clearly communicating the defect

    Following this report, an agreement of assumption of responsibility or a request for further information is sent by Tanfel.

    If the provided elements do not allow an immediate agreement of assumption of responsibility or if the conformity of the product can be carried out by the factory it can be asked to return the part at the expense of the Customer.



    In the event of a proven defect, the items will be replaced or credit given.


    In the event of a proven defect, the replacement of the product and their transport will take place free of charge for the Customer.

    Subject to the absence of litigation of payment, a Credit Note for the defective items will be emitted at the same time as an invoice of replacement and the two documents are being enclosed in the shipment of the replacement products. Thus the Credit Note and the new invoice come to be compensated in the accounts of the Customer.

    1- The maximum liability for products produced and delivered shall not exceed the face value of the purchase price.
    2- Upon purchase, the customer understands and agrees to the conditions listed above.